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Launching an International Blog: Our Strategy to Reach the World

As part of our #RoadTo100k project aimed at achieving 100,000 visitors per month, we are excited to announce a crucial step: the launch of a blog aimed at an international audience.

By relying on quality multilingual content, distributed on a large scale thanks to a robust cloud infrastructure, we expect to maximize our audience and influence worldwide.

Discover right away our 3-step strategy to create an international blog with high growth potential, capable of retaining readers across all continents.

Creation of a Multilingual Blog

In order to reach the largest possible number of readers around the world, our blog will be available in several languages. In addition to English, which remains the international language par excellence, we will also translate all our articles into French, Spanish and Portuguese.

These three languages will allow us to cover a large part of Internet users in Europe, Latin America and Francophone Africa. They will also give us access to emerging markets with high potential such as Brazil or Mexico.

By relying on multilingualism from the start, we want to maximize our international visibility and quickly attract readers from all over the world.

Worldwide Distribution with AWS CloudFront

In order to ensure fast and reliable distribution of our content worldwide, we will use Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) CloudFront service. CloudFront is a Content Delivery Network (CDN) that delivers data from strategically deployed Edge locations across multiple continents.

This will allow us to deliver our blog with high performance to visitors, regardless of their geographic location. Latencies will be reduced and load times optimized.

With CloudFront, we will also benefit from advanced security features such as SSL encryption and DDoS protection. Using AWS CloudFront is therefore a relevant choice to ensure a quality user experience for our international audience, while strengthening the resilience of our infrastructure.

Technical Launch

To ensure a successful launch of our multilingual blog internationally, we have opted for a flexible and scalable cloud infrastructure.

The blog will be hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), which offers a premier cloud platform with optimal availability and performance.

More specifically, we will use EC2 services to host our virtual servers, RDS for the database, S3 for asset storage, and CloudFront as a CDN to distribute our content globally.

This serverless architecture will allow us to focus on creating quality content without having to worry about infrastructure management. It will easily support scaling up thanks to the elasticity of the cloud.

In addition, Docker will be used to containerize our WordPress application to simplify its deployment and maintenance.

With this robust technology stack, we are confident in our ability to provide a high-performance user experience to our international audience from day one.

If you lack IT expertise, there are many solutions on the market to host WordPress sites. These solutions like Kinsta, Godaddy or OVH allow having a high level of security and performance.

Solid Foundations for Our International Expansion

With these three crucial steps, we are laying the groundwork for an ambitious international blog, capable of reaching readers across the world.

The creation of a multilingual platform will allow us to significantly extend our reach and influence internationally. Coupled with a robust and flexible cloud infrastructure, we will have all the technical assets to ensure the success of this project.

With these solid foundations, we can now focus on the next key phases of our #RoadTo100k roadmap: the meticulous choice of an inspiring theme for our blog, as well as the writing of the first optimized articles, which will benefit from the support of artificial intelligence… stay tuned!

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