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Quickly Filling Our BaobabTeam Site With AI-Generated Articles

As we progress in our #RoadTo100k project, we wanted to share with you a key step in our content strategy. The goal: to quickly offer our readers a complete and engaging site, with quality content. To do this, we adopted an innovative approach: artificially intelligent assisted article generation.

Thanks to this technology, we were able to publish around a hundred articles in a short time. This allowed us to create a solid base of content to work from.

The AIrticle-Flow Solution

We adopted AIrticle-flow and its WordPress plugin to generate around ten articles per category, for a total of around one hundred articles. This process allowed us to quickly publish article drafts on our site, creating a strong base of content to build on.

AIrticle-Flow is an innovative content generation solution based on artificial intelligence. To obtain articles, simply enter a prompt on a given topic and specify the number of articles desired. The software generates the content along with images.

The result is striking! The generated articles have a coherent structure, fluid style and targeted information.

The integrated WordPress plugin also greatly facilitates workflow. In just a few clicks, we can configure the articles and publish them on our site. This represents considerable time savings compared to manual integration.

Customization and Quality

Although AI provided an excellent base to work from, we spent time customizing each article so that it perfectly matches our readers.

We first carefully proofread the generated texts to ensure the information was accurate and useful. When necessary, we corrected or supplemented it with more precise data.

We also reorganized some paragraphs to make reading flow more smoothly and pleasantly. We wanted each text to have a logical structure that facilitates understanding.

Finally, we refined the writing style to give our articles a more personal touch. We use a conversational tone, with examples and anecdotes, to connect with the reader.

Thanks to these additional efforts, we believe we have transformed artificially intelligent generated content into engaging and original blog articles. They now bring real added value to our readers.

An Already Engaging Site

Thanks to this strategy, combined with our choice of the Colormag Pro theme, our site is already visually appealing and filled with relevant content. We believe this is an excellent start to engage our visitors and build our audience.

The blog articles are structured to provide a pleasant reading experience on all devices. With subtitles, bullet points, images and spaced text blocks, the content is easy to browse on both mobile and desktop.

With this excellent base of content, we will now focus on creating SEO optimized articles… stay tuned!

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